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YHZS35 concrete batching plant is kind of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant developed by HAMAC Group, based on the advantage of many models in China and overseas and the advanced technology, combing the experience of HAMAC Group in the past years. The batching unit, aggregate conveying unit, water supplying and additive agent supplying system, scaling system, mixing system, electrical control system and pneumatic system are centralized in one trailerized chassis. It has the feature of instant trailing, instant stop, reasonable structure, well function, reliable working, convenient operation, accurate scale, particularly suitable for moving sites and construction site like road, bridge, dam, airport.

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 concrete batching plant   concrete batching plant

Global Case


1. Adopting module structure, designed as per the loading of container standard. All modules are in one trailing unit.  Easy for installation and disassembly. Fast for moving.
2. Main mixing unit is JS750 double-shaft, forced concrete mixing mixer, with good mixing quality, high production efficiency. Perfect mixing can be done within ideal time period for dry-hard, half-dry-hard, plastic and concrete with any mixing ratio.
3. All scaling elements and control elements of scaling unit are imported elements and controlled by computer, guaranteeing completely accurate scale and stable function.
4. Platform or ladder is equipped to each part needing maintenance and repairing. Good for maintenance.
5. The whole system adopts complete automatic system via computer, with dynamic panel display, to show clearly of the running of each part. Visualized monitor interface provides clear and accurate observing to the site working procedure. Table or list can be print out.
6. Electrical control system adopts import elements, providing a stable and powerful function.  Automatic test for the abnormal working condition, Word, sound, light alarm, easy and good for the maintenance and trouble shooting.


Model YHZS35
Capacity 35m3/h
Max. dragging speed: 40km/h
Discharging height 3800mm
After-sale service Erection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty 12 months after erection
Concrete mixer Model & Quantity JS750 Concrete Mixer, 1 unit
Discharging volume 750L
Charging volume 1200L
Mixing cycle 75s
Max. mixing size 80/60mm
Aggregate batching machine Model & Quantity PLD1200, 1 unit
Storage bins quantity 2 or 4 sorts
Aggregate scale hopper 1200L
Aggregate feeding to mixer by Skirt Belt conveyor
Measurement precision ±2%
Weighing system Principle & Quantity Force sensor, 1 set
Water weighing precision ±1%
Cement weighing precision ±1%
Additive weighing precision ±1%
Control system Type Quantity Computer auto-control, 1 set
Control panel board Buttons, lights, meters, etc
Control panel board Buttons, lights, meters, etc
Electric components Relays, contactors, etc
Control cabin Size & Quantity ≈6m2, 1 unit
Air conditioner 1 unit, Optional parts
Computer with control software 1 unit
Industrial monitor system Optional parts
Uninterrupted Power Supply (U.P.S) Optional parts
High-pressure air system Quantity 1 set
Air compressor 0.6MPa
Oil-water separator 1 unit
Solenoid valve 1 set
Cement storage and feeding system Optional parts
Screw conveyor diameter 219/273mm
Cement silo capacity 30t/50t/60t/80t/100t
Dragging chassis 1 set
Drag rod 1 unit
Leading steering 1 unit
Front/Back axle & shock absorption 1 set
Outrigger 1 set

(Parameter is changed without prior notice.)

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